For the Record

I would never swear on a stack of Bibles that Hitler was a God or that he never did anything bad. Rather, I think he was a heroic figure who was nevertheless human and therefore flawed.

However, Hitler’s alleged flaws strike me as relatively minor compared to the flaws found in virtually all U.S. pResidents. Frankly, I think Hitler was probably better than all of those bums combined.

I do not rejoice over the millions of innocent civilians who were caught up in the 20th century’s Clash of the Titans. But then again, who was really innocent? If the German people should be blamed for Hitler’s alleged crimes against humanity, what about the French and British?

I feel far more sympathy for the Russian/Soviet peoples who were caught between a ruthless German military invasion and their own bloody leader, who likely killed more people than Hitler did. I also lean towards the theory that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish conspiracy. In fact, I believe the Jews started both world wars. They certainly profited from them, probably more than anyone else.

I am not a “NeoNazi” or a white supremacist. In fact, I believe most of those thugs are working for the Jews. Nor do I believe that Hitler would have respected NeoNazis or even white supremacists. I’m certainly not an “anti-Semite;” in fact, I regard Arabs as allies. If you want to call me anti-Jew, you’re getting warm.

I am not a big fan of authoritarianism, militarism or war. Nor am I pleased with sheeple who mindlessly follow charismatic leaders over the edge of a cliff.

However, my experiences in the corporate shithole of Seattle have taught me a lot about human nature and politix.

For example, I’ve learned that democracy is a fickle bitch. In fact, pResident Donald Trump is a reminder that the U.S. isn’t authentic democracy at all. Nor does the U.S. government take care of its people. There are probably more homeless people in Seattle alone than there were in all of Germany under Hitler’s rule prior to World War II. We could use a man like Adolf Hitler in Seattle, and if he helped the people the way Hitler helped his people, that man would be wildly cheered. He would make Obama look like the buffoon he was.

Governments typically become more authoritarian in time of war, and Germany was caught up in the middle of history’s biggest war. Hitler had no choice but build a powerful military, and what a splendid military force it was!

Hitler did not destroy Germany. He rescued it from the Jews and turned it into one of modern history’s biggest miracles. It was the Jews who orchestrated the destruction of Germany, just as the bastards destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria. The Jewish actor Sean Penn links Libya to Latin America, where the Jews have also long been doing their dirty work, from the economic ravages of the International Monetary Fund to bloody coups and dictatorships.

I grew up believing I was half German and half Russian. As a child I regarded myself as Russian, simply because I though of Germany as a boring place where people sat around carving cuckoo clocks. The vast wilderness of Siberia and the steppe reminded me of my native West Dakota.

Only recently did I learn that my paternal and maternal ancestors all hailed from Germany, despite my Scandinavian surname. I never even knew my maternal grandmother spoke German until someone told me just recently! I then learned about the anti-German laws that might have landed her in prison if she spoke it in public.

Suddenly, I began to understand things. The Jews’ anti-German propaganda had taught me to hate my own people! Needless to say, Malcom X’s sermon “Who taught you to hate yourself?” really resonates with me. And, yes, Malcolm X is one of my heroes.

The German people have a proud heritage. While the Roman Empire extended into Egypt and the British Isles, Germania was never conquered. In the end, it was the Germans who destroyed Rome.

Centuries later, the Germans rose up again and threw off the yoke of Jewish bondage. Unfortunately, the Jews had built a global empire that ultimately prevailed. You can see it in the political-corporate corruption and moral rot that characterizes my own country, the U.S.

However, you can’t keep my people down. Germany is now Europe’s #1 economic power, and it is forging links with China.

Unfortunately, Germany is still controlled by the goddam Jews. It continues throwing money at alleged Holocaust survivors as well as Israel. I believe Russia is controlled by the Jews, too. Is it possible that there could be a sinister Jewish conspiracy that has ensnared China as well?

I don’t know all the “Illuminatis’” secrets, but I believe China is emerging as the most formidable anti-Jewish force since Adolf Hitler’s German miracle. (See my website ChinaWatch.) I also think it’s possible that Germans can rediscover their roots and finish the job Hitler started.

One thing’s clear: The very planet we live on is doomed unless we can destroy Jewarchy.

Viva the revolution!